Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Infections (H2O2 Therapy)

Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Infections

(Mark from Kentucky)

“Today we are doing another segment about natural products for use on and off your body. You may recognize this as hydrogen peroxide, the version I’m using is the 3% USA standard pharmaceutical grade.

Now you may be asking why I’m doing this if I’m in to all natural products?

Well, when I was eating raw foods I was not getting sick EVER! But lately I’ve been eating a lot of processed food. So even though I don’t use any harmful products as far as toiletries and cosmetics go, but I still get sick from the food and end up gaining weight.

The reason I decided to use the hydrogen peroxide is that I was getting a lot of throat infections. I was taking different enzymes which would work for a while but the illness kept coming back. In the end I decided to visit my doctor, apparently I had slight ear infection in the left ear which was traveling down my throat and causing some pain in my neck area. I was prescribed anti biotics and some ibuprofen that I really wanted to avoid taking if at all possible. Now I had heard about using hydrogen peroxide from a friend of mine a few years back so I decided to look into this option.”

In the above video, Mark describes his experience with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide over an extended period of time. During the course of the video, he goes into detail about how to administer a dose of the solution.

The theory that Hydrogen Peroxide in ones ear can cure throat infections is shared by many theorists. To illustrate the point, many say it’s a highly effective cold and flu cure and that it cleans out ear wax with surprising effectiveness.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide cure Cold and Flu?

Many people back up the theory that Hydrogen Peroxide helps with Cold and Flu symptoms and some even go as far to say that it can outright cure the illnesses. Whereas I have seen plenty of anecdotal evidence to back-up these claims, I will be one of the first to say that anecdotal evidence is no evidence as anyone can say these things. However, there may be a placebo effect at work here, as so many say that Hydrogen Peroxide can cure Colds and the Flu, people may just FEEL better.

Ear Cleaning with Peroxide
Now in comparison to the above notes, there is plenty of evidence that Hydrogen Peroxide cleans out the ear. By pouring small amount of diluted 3% Hydrogen Peroxide into ones ear, it will begin to dissolve and breakup the wax within the the ear canal and cause it to rise towards the opening of your ear. This process can take about 20 minutes per ear to be fully effective however, but is no less effective at cleaning up unusual build ups of ear wax.


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