Inhaling H2O2 for Breathing Problems – Hydrogen Peroxide Therpay

Hydrogen peroxide has changed the way I live my life, although you maybe thinking “yeah yea” I assure you the way this simple solution has transformed my quality of life is astounding.


I have always suffered from breathing problems, as a child I remember clutching my inhaler where ever I went terrified that at any moment my lungs would stop working. As I got older things did improve to an extent but it’s always been one of those things that I have had to be careful of.

On occasions I would become so short of breath that talking became a no go and I would sit sometimes for days at a time waiting for my chest to ease. Although this many happened in the summer months I was being to become worried that a simple chest infection could be the end of me. I wasn’t quite ready for game over.

After trying many different options shown to me by my doctor I was starting to run out of hope, but after many long nights researching online I decided  my best options would be to try hydrogen peroxide therapy.

What is it?

Hydrogen peroxide is a very simple formula, it’s just water with an extra oxygen atom. Many people use hydrogen peroxide for its health benefits that range from disinfecting cuts and grazed, to oxygen therapy where H2O2 is either drunk or administered via an IV drip. But it was another method that grabbed my attention, and that was inhaling hydrogen peroxide. Now I am well aware that to many of you this will sound crazy and I assure you I would have been in the same boat if someone mentioned it to me a couple of years earlier, but from the research I had done I had seen some amazing results, and to be fair what did I have to lose?

The method I decided to try involves diluting down some 35% food grade peroxide to a 3% solution using distilled water. Once this was done the next step was to decanter the peroxide into a fine mist spray bottle and secure to lid tightly.

Take a big breath out clearing your lungs of air, on the inhale spray 3 – 4 short blasts of the peroxide into your mouth making sure to breathe the mixture deep into your lungs.

Now the aim of this process is to add extra oxygen to your system and my god does it work. After just 24 hours I was feeling great, in the afternoons I used to regularly feel lethargic more often than not needing a midday nap to bring up my energy levels. After starting the hydrogen peroxide therapy this no longer seemed to be the case. My energy levels were up and my breathing felt steady.

Over the next few months I continued the treatment a few times a day, and my body slowly and steadily started to repair its self. In the last 2 months I can honestly say I haven’t had to reach for my inhaler once.

If you or anyone you know is currently suffering from breathing problems I would highly recommend looking into the benefits of H2O2 therapy. It changed my life.


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