H2O2 Testimonials

Mark, 43 from stockport

I just wanted to drop you a message to say thanks for all the information you have here you guys are doing a brilliant job educating the world about the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. Since finding your blog I have used many of the methods you suggest and have been feeling great. Keep it up.

Mellisa 34 from Devon

Hi guys just wanted to send in a quick message to let you know how well hydrogen peroxide has been working for my husband. He had been suffering from skin cancers for years but after taking H2O2 daily with some distilled for a few months everything started to clear up now 4 months later and he is completely clear! Will keep you posted.

John 65 Manchester

Every winter I used to get run down and end up having weeks at a time of work fighting off colds and flu, since reading about the method of adding H2O2 to your ear to fight off the virus before it takes hold I have not come down with a single bug. This stuff is amazing why do more people not know about it? 


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