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Is it Possible to Treat Hodgkin ’s Disease Using Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy?

Hodgkin Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. I have spoken about the supposed effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on cancer cells, so I’m going to go into a little more information on how Hydrogen Peroxide can fight the very specific infection that comes with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Hodgkin’s Disease

When someone develops Hodgkin’s disease, it means that cells within their Lymph nodes have become cancerous and as the Lymph nodes are interconnected the cancer can spread at an accelerated rate. Hodgkin’s disease is attacked by medical professionals the same way that most cancer is, with chemotherapy. Whilst standard therapy is effective, many researchers are still trying to hunt down new ways to fight off cancer. In fact, it was in the early 1960′s, Baylor University Medical Center Dallas that my next bit of information originates.

In Baylor University, a team of researchers discovered the merits of Hydrogen Peroxide therapy when paired with chemotherapy; this discovery was matched in Rockefeller University, New York, when another research team discovered that Hydrogen Peroxide had rather powerful anti-tumor effects. By aiding in the growth of macro-phages and granulocytes by providing both cells with a more constant supply of oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide fights and destroys cancer cells on a limited scale, but when combined with chemotherapy it becomes highly effective at “Finishing off” cancer cells weakened by the chemotherapy.

A third study, this time from California, Irvine University was undertaken to see the final affects of Hydrogen Peroxide on a cancer cell, more specifically, the cancer cell generated by Hodgkin’s Disease. So after testing a grouping of Lymph nodes which had been exposed to concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide, they found that an impressive amount of cancer cells had been killed within 15 minutes of exposure. This of course opened up a whole new line of investigation on the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Whilst I cannot say that Hydrogen Peroxide is a cure for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I can say that proof has been shown that it is a great accompaniment to the Chemotherapy used in standard therapy.


Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide for Cancer

Inhaling hydrogen peroxide as a way to treat cancer and add oxygen to the body

In the above video, Ron LaSalle explains how H2o2 helps him in his fight against cancer, he also uses the inhalation plan with Hydrogen Peroxide, much like Bill Munro in the below post. However Ron has provided a much larger body of information than Bill, speaking about the taking of supplements, the use of radio-waves and the injection of gold particles.

I will go into further detail on Vitamin supplements at a later date, so for the moment I shall focus on the two other treatments he used to compliment the use of Hydrogen Peroxide.

The use of Radio-waves against cancer is a highly promising field. Via the injection of nanotubes within the cancer cells and heating those nanotubes with radio-waves, it causes the cancer cells to become heated and die. Because of this many researchers have backed this research, aiming to completely kill groups cancer cells. Although this is a promising field, it is not a fully reliable treatment method yet, so I cannot fully recommend it as a treatment method. If you are interested in radio-wave therapy I recommend consulting with your doctor.

In this video Ron LaSalle explains the effects of h2o2 therapy on cancer cells and shows us a way of inhaling the food grade hydrogen peroxide to achieve the maxim benefits.

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