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The Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Treatment

Today I just want to spend a little bit of time talking about one of the best kept secrete when it article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_148_0_skd242131sdc_XScomes to treating flu, colds, cancer , ear infections and a whole host of other things, and it’s from something that only costs pennies. Most institutions don’t want you to know about it for the simple reason that big pharma can’t make money from it, and a lot of doctors don’t even know about it’s effectiveness.

It’s something called hydrogen peroxide. Now most people will have already used this before, it’s most commonly poured or sprayed on cuts or grazes and a disinfectant. I wanted to talk about how effective this is in the ear. How it works in the ear canal to wipe out cold and flus before they ever get started.

When you first start feeling the onset of a cold or flu get some 3% hydrogen peroxide and a small dropper. You will need to find somewhere you can lie down on your side comfortably and drop 3 drops into your ear. You will want to leave the peroxide in your ear for around 5 minutes during this time you will have a fizzing sensation and popping sounds, do not worry this is just the H2O2 working its magic. Once you’re done simply turn over and drain your ear on to a tissue and repeat for the other ear, its that simple.

What you’re going to find is that the symptoms you had within 24 hours will have gone and you will have beaten the virus before it had time to take hold. The is proven and really works so I urge you to make sure you have a bottle on food grade hydrogen peroxide in your home at all times.

If you have any tips or tricks please share them in the comment below.