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IV Hydrogen Peroxide as a Cancer Therapy

Dr you have talked about how vitamin C can converted in to hydrogen peroxide, but could you talk to us a little about how H2O2 can also be used as a cancer cancer therapy. Some people give hydrogen peroxide intravenously but in very low concentrations. The hydrogen peroxide that we get in the super markets is 3% the hydrogen peroxide that we get to bleach our hair is 20%. The hydrogen peroxide that we use to blast rockets into space is 99.9%. But the hydrogen peroxide that we give intravenously was really a process developed by a guy named Charlie Farr, he was a dear friend of mine for many years. He done some research and found out that in india in 1924 there was a flu epidemic and there was a doctor there that was some what of a researcher and he cured many people of this deadly flu using intravenous hydrogen peroxide.

Charlie simply resurrected that work and he found that by giving people with the flu, auto immune disease or arthritis hydrogen peroxide in a very low concentration, he diluted it 100 times, so he took 3% H2O2, and this was medical grade high quality hydrogen peroxide ‘very pure’ and he diluted it down to .03% and gave it intravenously and got many positive results with many different conditions. Now I never saw it look like it could destroy cancer or anything like that but I did see people suffering from cancer doing very well, and people with cancer and immune problems above and beyond there cancer especially if they are undergoing chemotherapy. Now I think Charlie Farr deserves a nobel prize for his work.